APPEALS : no cause for Alarm

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From my findings yesterday, the SPC, Dr. MC Agim and his team are working hard to ensure that all beneficiaries get their grants before the end of the month.

Already, beneficiaries from batches one to eight have been paid, monies are now being moved to Service Providers account for full implementation.

Batches nine and ten were not skipped as rumoured. The delay is from Zenith Bank and not from APPEALS.

The bank however, needs to explain the cause of the delay and possibly pay some damages because they can’t keep delaying other people’s businesses to use their money to do their own business.

The beneficiaries of batch eleven that have started receiving credit alerts are under FCMB. Because of the Zenith Bank delay for batches nine and ten, alot of beneficiaries are coming up with so many interpretations but the bank is to be held responsible not APPEALS.

Also, in the course of my investigation, I gathered that the Desk Officer in FCMB is allegedly “taxing” beneficiaries to clear their files for payment. It’s good that the APPEALS management has heard this and he’s been warned never to try it again. But it shouldn’t stop there, he should be made to refund every penny he has collected illegally from people.

From the management and government angle, there’s no cause for alarm.


By Inyali Peter