2023: Bassey ‘Sweet Prince’ Otu notifies APC C’River of readiness to run for governorship

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Sen. (Prince) Bassey Edet Otu popularly known as Sweet Prince is ready to vie for public office again come the 2023 general elections NEGROIDHAVEN can report authoritatively.

The former lawmaker on Wednesday notified the Cross River state executive council of the ruling All Progressives Congress, APC in Calabar the state capital of his readiness to run for the office of state governor.

While addressing a cross section of the press at the party secretariat shortly after leaving the party EXCO, the intending public officer disclosed that his intention of visiting the party was to notify them officially of his readiness to contest elections in 2023.

Otu who observed that he has come with a vision of prosperity to the state added that residents and indigenes should expect peace and progress. He further noted that if he is not considered by the party for the said ticket, he will still be loyal.

His words, ‘I came to put it fair and square that I am ready to context for the governorship of Cross River state come 2023. Cross Riverians should expect peace, progress and prosperity. I bring a vision of prosperity to Cross River state. Power belongs to God and he gives it to whom he pleases. I won’t ask questions, I’ll be very loyal to the party.’

When queried about his financial readiness for the political campaign, Otu noted that ‘You cannot know a man’s finances by looking at his appearance. I want to assure you that everything is not about finances. For me, I have respect for only money that can build roads to people’s communities, I have respect for monies that can save lives, I have respect for monies that can change the lives of people, if it is that kind of money, I have it.

‘In terms of matching them, we will match anybody in the field. You cannot tell me that someone who was chairman of petroleum in the House of Representatives, someone who was chairman senate committee on finance, someone who was chairman senate committee on banking doesn’t know where to get money.

‘I am not a poor man, but I thank God for whatever it is, it is just that I am not an extravagant man, nobody came into this world with anything and they will not go with it. I don’t respect seasonal money that comes every four years where you come and give people and deceive people, you then run away and nobody sees you, I like money that sustains and endures.’

Sen. Otu explained that he has 13 thematic areas which will take care of every challenges the state is facing currently. He said he has began a serious and rigorous research to find dependable data that will see the state through: ‘Every facet of our lives is covered in that particular programme’, he concluded.