Cameroonian forces kill Biafra agitation commander in Bakassi

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The militant group, Biafra National League (BNL) based in Bakassi in Cross River State, which is fighting in sympathy for the Biafra nation agitation, has accused Cameroonian forces of killing their commander.

One of the officials, who pleaded not to be named, spoke to DAILY POST Saturday evening.

He explained that the Cameroonian forces killed Honesty Udom, better known as the Black Scorpion, commander of their Black Marine squad, in his house in Atabong area of Bakassi.

According to this source, the Cameroonian forces had acted on a tip off.

This source did not disclose if Black Scorpion had ventured into Cameroon territory with arms, or caught in some criminal acts or had attacked the Cameroonians.

He also denied that there was gun fire exchange.

“I am not sure that there was fire exchange. The information from other commanders is that Honesty was killed in his house in Atabong in Bakassi.

“The Cameroonian troop had intelligence about him and traced him to his house.

“I cannot really tell what went wrong or what crimes he committed against the Cameroon”, he said.

He confirmed that he was killed on Thursday morning 14 April 2022.