Calabar South Local Gov’t intervenes in clearing wastes over-running state capital

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The Government of Calabar South Local Council is currently intervening in clearing dirts over-running the state capital metropolis NEGROIDHAVEN can report authoritatively.

Over the weekend and at the beginning of the current week our correspondent saw the clearing of dirts at the popular Watt Market at Calabar Road, Lagos Street, Egerton street, Anantigha street which have strewn into the tarred roads making commuting difficult.

The local council authority led by the chairperson, Hon. Esther Bassey, disclosed that the reason for the overrunning dirts in her local government area is traceable to the proximity of the dump sites located at LEMNA area in Calabar Municipality and the collection points of dump-sters located at various spots across the state capital metropolis. She hopes to site a dumpsite in Calabar South.

Her words, ‘Right now I am paying for trucks. What they want… their problem is that the distance of evacuating this waste from Calabar South is too long. You can notice that when the first three trucks left it took them about an hour to come back. So, we will not be able to meet up when we are standing at one point.

‘If we can find any dump somewhere here we can help them reduce the distance, it will help too to reduce all this. So, it is an effort which I am trying to see where I can pick in Calabar South through the effort of the government and our dear people with the chiefs in Calabar South. I have to interface with them to see where they can release to us, a place that is not been used to save the situation. It’s becoming alarming for us’, Hon Bassey confessed.

On his part, the GM of State Waste Management Agency, Mr Sunday Okoh, explained that his agency had some technical challenges at the dumpsite at the landfill for about 2 weeks. According to him, the challenge was with the equipments used at the landfill to push in the waste into the ravin. He disclosed that this equipment got bad and got stuck at the entrance to the ravin so, waste could not be pushed into the ravin, leaving trucks with loads of waste stranded. Mr Okoh further noted that his agency has appealed to the chairperson of Calabar South LGA donate a spot for them to use as dumpsite.

While assuring the public that this incident will not reoccur and that this ongoing evacuation is not one-off, he denied that his agency is cash- strapped. Okoh’s words, ‘I run a budget to cover the operations, whether he (Gov Ben Ayade) is running elections or not it shouldn’t affect my operations… Sometimes those equipment parts are not available in Calabar. It takes time to get the parts and fix. Only the radiator, we had to go to Ibadan.

‘It is not money. We have money. It’s not about funding. The contractors are paid monthly, every months they paid their money. And it has nothing to do with the governor’s presidential ambition. Government must work.’