C’River Communal Crisis: Army’s continued presence in our community won’t bring peace… Nko

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The continued presence of the Nigerian military currently occupying warring communities in Cross River has been pooh poohed NEGROIDHAVEN can say.


Nko community leaders have requested that the Nigerian Army currently involved in a peace keeping mission in Nko/Oyadama communal crisis be relocated from the community to the border of the two belligerent communities.

This disposition was made known on Wednesday while designated community leaders addressed the journalists in Calabar the state capital metropolis.

In the briefing, Dr Akpama Akpama a community elder observed that the presence of the Nigerian military inside Nko was counterproductive to peace in an already tensed situation. He tasked the government to relocate to border of the Nko and Oyadama where the conflict is rife rather stay inside and wreck havoc of incalculable proportion.

According to Akpama, ‘While we appreciate the early intervention of the State Government and Security Agencies, particularly the Nigerian Army in the conflict between our community (Nko) and Onyadama community, we disagree with the way the crisis is being managed by the Army. Their approach is unethical and unprofessional.

‘While we support every responsible and meaningful effort toward maintaining lasting peace in the area, we call on the State Government and the military authority to stop the raid on Nko community.

‘It is, however, regrettable that this military action in the community has largely rendered the entire indigenes of Nko homeless, beginning from Saturday, June 24, 2022, to this moment. Carnage has been exercised in arson, rape and shooting at sight of persons. Beyond these, our women have been thoroughly brutalized in very dehumanizing forms.

‘The security situation in Nko community has remained tense and fragile. For more than five days running, many people have been killed through shooting at sight and a lot more wounded, and properties that cannot be quantified at the moment have been destroyed. The military personnel have wreaked havoc on the local populace, killing helpless persons, arresting some and introducing a reign of terror in the area. Women and children have abdicated their homes to take refuge in unknown locations, suffering the harsh effects of the associated weather with the rainy season.

‘While we are not challenging the authority of government, it is our candid opinion that the soldiers be stationed at the said boundary between the two communities. Our community is under siege.

‘…we as a community are appealing and pleading that the military high command should please remove the army personnel from Nko Community. The continuous stay of the military in the community will not help to bring peace to the area and the only way out is for them to move out of the community.’

Recall that there has been a communal land dispute which started last week and witnessed the reported shooting of an Army colonel and his two oddly captains.