Renown LGBTQ+ right advocate on the run from Calabar sighted in Abuja

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Famous gay right activist in Calabar the Cross River state capital metropolis who has been on the run after being chased away from Graceland community in Calabar for advancing LGBTQ+ right message after several warnings was recently sighted in far away Abuja the Federal Capital Territory, FCT NEGROIDHAVEN can report authoritatively. 

In an exclusive interview with an informant who was in Abuja for one of Nigeria’s major political parties national convention, the young man simply identified as Clement (in order not to compromise the effort of the security agencies in bringing him to book), was found at the residence of one of his kinsmen who lives in Abuja. According to the source: ‘As God would have it that day, as I got to the house of my host who is also my kins man, I saw him (Clement) and immediately he sets his eyes on me, he became uncomfortable because he is aware I knew about his reasons for fleeing Calabar; I was surprised to see him there myself because non of us knew of his whereabout since the last incident where he was attacked by an angry mob where he resided in Calabar.

‘He started monitoring my discussion with my host and not giving me the opportunity to have a detailed discussion about him, but in the end, I had an opportunity to let this guy know about all his records in Calabar and why he was hiding in his house. I told him (my host) I will let the police know about him if he does not send him away which I eventually did. We all don’t like what he is doing. In our culture, it’s a sacrilege to consider that a male should have carnal knowledge of a fellow male. So, he can’t gain my sympathy for what he is going through’, our informant narrated.

‘I must admit here that until now, Clement was a nice young man until he allowed the devil to use him and that is why he can’t find peace with himself even with his job, he can’t concentrate to work now, always on the run, he concluded.

It should be noted that in December 2018, Clement was sorted after by Eku community in Akamkpa L.G.A in the same state where he was working for a faith-based organisation which supports people living with HIV/AIDS. He is reported to use the opportunity to propagate his gay right convictions, a development which got to the knowledge of community leaders.

Clement was required to avail himself before the deities of the rural community for judgement for desecrating the cultural values of the locality. He evaded this ritual.

Further investigations suggests that Clement did not just commence his affiliation with homosexual activities as many who considered him upright may have thought, but records of such his affiliations dates back to his post-graduate student days at the PG hostel. A male source who is pleading anonymity for not been in an authoritative position to inform about the development disclosed to our correspondent that he was in the same hostel with Clement as at the 2017/2018 academic session in the University of Calabar PG hostel, and he was part of those who actively send him away from the hostel through the Students’ Union Government, SUG then because of how he openly identified with known homosexuals in Calabar, and many were visiting him in the hostel which led to his eventual ousting.

As at the time of this report, our crime reporter observed that it is still unclear what he was doing in Abuja at the moment and his whereabout after he was discovered by our informant. We were also made to understand that he now has a wife as a cover up to his homosexual identity who was living with him as at when he was last sighted.

Recall that in 2014, the Nigerian Federal government has slammed a 14-year jail term for LGBTQ2SiA practice in the country; according to the act, anyone aiding and abating this culture as such is guilty of the crime and will face the full wrath of the law no matter how long it takes.

NEGROIDHAVEN will keep tabs with developments around the incident.