PIND traces flooding in Niger Delta communities to low topography

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The PIND Foundation has made its weekly report about issues touching on natural disaster occurrences in Nigeria’s Niger Delta region where through its Weekly Update for October 09-15, 2022 it has traced the cause of recent flooding in some states in the region to the low topography of coastal areas of some of the sub-national entities NEGROIDHAVEN can report.

‘In the Niger Delta, many coastal and riverine communities are predisposed to recurrent flooding because of low topography’, the report reads.


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‘… flooding caused over 70 fatalities in the Niger Delta between January 2018 and June 2022. The recent flood has reportedly caused over 15 deaths and displaced about 100 communities in the region’, the update continued.

PIND noted that as of 12th October 2022 flooding had reportedly killed four persons and displaced over 3,200 households in oil-rich Delta State. In Bayelsa, Edo, Imo, and Rivers States several communities were reportedly submerged.