Soludo and Obi: The Crux Of the Matter

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Soludo and Obi are the leading lights of Igbo politics. Being from the same state and belonging to different parties means they will be political rivals. Soludo doesn’t owe Obi any debt of loyalty. The sense of entitlement of Obi supporters is baffling.

The duo have been around. Their paths crossed in 2010. Yaradua had wanted to prepare Soludo to be president. He started by inviting him to become Anambra governor and donating the PDP ticket to him to challenge incumbent Peter Obi. Unfortunately, Yaradua died, and President Jonathan understandably gave Soludo no real backing. Soludo lost to Obi.

Soludo lost and crossed over to the APGA. The Pharoah that invited Joseph had died. Obi welcomed Soludo, and in the minds of many Anambranians, Soludo was APGA’s best option. But when the time came, Obi and Umeh chose Obiano.

Once Obiano assumed office, he fell out with Obi. Obi, who had eyes on national politics and considered APGA a local kabukabu, defected to the PDP into the bosom of President Jonathan. A political dispute ensued between Obaino and Obi. Soludo bided his time and remained loyal to Obiano. Obi brought out his trumpet and dished out figures that angered Obiano because they made him seem profligate.

Ordinarily, Obi’s performance as governor belonged to APGA. But Obi used it to undermine the local APGA government. So it became necessary to trim all hyperboles. Obiano challenged Obi’s figures. When Obiano was due for re-election, Obi threw his weight behind his boy Obaze. Obi and Obaze used Obi’s achievements which should belong to APGA, to undermine APGA. APGA picked holes in Obi’s self-congratulation. APGA had to do all it could to demystify Obi. Obi and Obazee lost.

When another election season came in Anambra, Obiano anointed Soludo, and Obi chose another protege to contest against Soludo. During that battle, Obi and his group brandished Obi’s achievements as if they belonged to the PDP. Soludo and APGA, once again, had to rebut and impugn Obi’s character and capacity and refute many figures. Soludo and APGA won. Obi and the PDP lost.

Obi and Soludo are ambitious politicians. Coming from the same state but belonging to different camps means they will be political gladiators. Today, Soludo is the governor of Anambra. Obi is the presidential candidate of the Labour party. Soludo wants to consolidate power in Anambra in February. Obi wants to overthrow APGA in Anambra.

This is the eve of a war. Obi will like to demonstrate clout by defeating Soludo roundly in Anambra local elections. He has to. Soludo wants to consolidate power and run for re-election later. Without a political agreement, Soludo cannot become Obidient. He is not su!cidal. Obi has been to Portharcourt to see Wike. If he can cross party lines to discuss political romance, then why can’t he go to see Soludo? Authur Nzeribe was right. He said political cooperation must be preceded by discussions and agreements. Until then, Soludo is well within his rights to throw punches at Obi.

Castigating Soludo for telling an unpalatable truth in bold prints is ridiculous. Describing Soludo as a traitor because he threw a small punch at his political adversary is nonsensical. Obi has work to do. If he needs Soludo’s support let him go to Awka for a discussion.


By Ugo Egbujo