‘Carnival Calabar of Darkness’… C’Riverians decry power supply outage along route of Africa’s biggest street party

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The 2022 edition of the Carnival Calabar in Cross River state, a south south geo-political sub-national entity has experienced power supply outage along the route of the Africa’s biggest street party procession NEGROIDHAVEN can report.

Carnival Calabar 2022 (credit: Philip Obin)


At the Mary Slessor section of the carnival float where bands were and are still performing before a set of judges as well as the state governor, and his cabinet almost an hour ago, darkness fell on the onlookers as there is power supply outage. There was also power supply outage at the Efio-Ete junction of the carnival float.

This embarrassing development has incited the ire of fun seekers and givers. It happened around when Freedom Ban were to perform at Mary Slessor before the judges.

Prince Nsa Ekpenyong said ‘Please we need streetlight at Mary Slessor right now….it’s becoming dark….4 Bands remaining to perform…. #SSATechnical’.

Simon Utsu held an opinion thus: ‘I thought we told Ayade to abandon today’s carnival due to yesterday’s tragedy. Apparently, beyond the tragedy, there was inadequate preparation! Street carnival in total darkness? When there’s supposed to be heightened security! Stanley Boyce Nsemo, a good performer/administrator, was the DG of the state’s electrification agency up until some months back when he won his party’s state assembly ticket. SA Technical Eric Akpo aka(Atia kpam u-Life) whose hands seemed to be already full, was handed the portfolio… this is the result… Carnival in(of?) Darkness… Hmm’. SSA to the Vice President, Philip Obin felt ashamed being a Cross Riverian, ‘Calabar Darkness Carnival…I am so ashamed to be a Cross Riverian today!…What do I tell my Abuja friends who have visited for the carnival?’ James Ibor a civil society practitioner and leader working with BRCI has this to say, ‘Calabar Carnival: I am in Effio ette by Water board. The road is getting dark oh no street light’.

The Director General of the State Electrification Agency, SEA Eric Akpo who is incidentally a family member of the incumbent governor has been called out to fix public power supply at the carnival route at least.

The 2022 edition of the Carnival Calabar is themed Agro industrialisation.



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