DEVELOPING STORY: CT Scan results shows beaten-to-coma petty trader develops sinusitis and parietal scalp contusion

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Medical result from Cranial CT Scan of Chinedu Igwe the Watt Market petty trader beaten to coma by thuggish councillors of Wards 3 and 9 etc is out.

Findings suggests that the embattled petty trader, husband and father of 4 has developed ‘Sinusitis and parietal scalp contusion’.

Petty trader kneeling down before Chairperson Esther Bassey of Calabar South LGA in July 2022

According to the report cited by our correspondent, there is a mixed density collection within the ethmoidal sinuses, that is, beside the upper nose.

In an exclusive interaction with Igwe, he disclosed to NEGROIDHAVEN that he is feeling headaches and waist pains.

Igwe has been referred to the University of Calabar Teaching Hospital, UCTH Calabar for proper medical attention.

Meanwhile, yet-to-be-confirmed reports suggest that as at press time, the Council Authority of Calabar South LGA are at Watt Market allocating the contentious car park of Shopping Center Complex at Watt Market.

Sinusitis is an infectious inflammation of the sinus. Parietal scalp contusion suggests that Igwe has a bruise on his scalp and the blood vessels has broken open and leaked blood into the part of the scalp area.



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