C’Riverian slams Dozzy Mmobuosi, gives insight on how indigenous football league can be exciting

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Reacting to the news of Nigeria’s tech entrepreneur, Dozzy Mmobuosi, making a deposit to buy Sheffield United, in a move that would make him the only Black majority owner in England’s top two professional leagues according international media houses, a Nigerian has held a rather critical opinion about the development.

NEGROIDHAVEN garnered that a netizen Unimke Abana took to his social media timeline to slam Mmobuosi for deciding on buying Sheffield when he could as well invest his money in Nigeria’s football league.

According to critic Abana, $2 billion can convert the country’s football league into something exciting. He explained the modalities.

His words, ‘Nigerians are happy with this nonsense!

‘If you have money to buy Aarhus in Denmark, then I am 100% sure you can invest that in Nigerian club football.

‘With more than 140 million people, and Nigerians being football fanatics, we can easily create an exciting league within 5 years.

‘E no hard. Just build 5 divisions and put 100 clubs in them. FG should make prize money available for winners for the first t to 10 years until the leagues can generate the fundings themselves.

If first division prize money is 100 million naira plus additional 200m naira for every club in the league, we will have more clubs happy to join the league.

‘Inside 26 players, players pay should be capped at 300,000 naira per month. This allows the club to run well and not use all the money to pay players. We will encourage Nigerians to start going to stadiums to watch the teams so teams can make money from ticket sales.’

He urged the federal government to invest the stated sum while assuring that if such an amount is invested, it will be recouped as other investors with the cash will become interested.

‘Na just small sacrifice FG need to make. Just throw 2 billion dollars into the leagues every year and we would build a robust league. The billionaires go come enter. Buy and run these clubs themselves. There’d be lots of jobs in that area. We no go dey send EPL again.

‘I go just tell baba to build 20,000 to 30,000 seaters stadium everywhere within 8 years. 35 for North and 35 for South. 15 for Lagos and 15 for Kaduna.

Then give am out to 100 clubs to use’, Abana noted in both Pidgin and English languages.

The Nigeria Professional Football League (NPFL), fed into by the Nigeria National League (NNL) and which represents the highest level of the Nigerian football league system, for the Nigerian club-football championships has suffered, like many others, from the financial impact and dwindling fortunes since the late 2000s.



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