Ekpe Confraternity frowns at insurrection against Obong of Calabar

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Unconscionable insurrections/insurrectionists against the natural stool of Efik Eburutu have been seriously frowned at and sternly warned against attempts to illegally usurp the throne of the Obong of Calabar, NEGROIDHAVEN can report authoritatively.

This disposition was expressed on Friday in Efe Asabo Esien Efik Itiaba the institution of government amongst the Efik of the ancient port city of Calabar in Cross River.

While addressing a cross section of the press, a spokesperson for the Efe Asabo on Friday, Sir Frank Edet Obong Ekpe of Efe Eyoma, observed that initiates and leaders of Efe Asabo at Boco street in Calabar convened to issue a traditional warning to any attempt to usurp the throne of the Obong of Calabar as occupied by the incumbent, Otu V.

He said that Efe Asabo Esien Efik Itiaba convened to ask the ancestors of Efik Eburutu who bequeathed the tradition of installing an Obong to inform them to act rightly in the event of an illegal usurpation.

While observing that their meeting served to remind the race of the tripodal tradition that characterises the making of an Obong noted that Ekpe confraternity which is the institution of government in Efik Eburutu will resist any attempt to unseat Otu V.

His words, ‘We have gathered here today to inform the whole world that this is one of the rituals we carry out whenever we want to have a new Obong on the throne. The throne of the Obongship has been existing for the past over 600 to 800 years and we have never waivered in what we do.

Efe Asabo Esien Efik Itiaba, Boco street, Calabar

‘In recent times we have seen people coming out trying to bulldoze their way into our shrine to cap a new Obong. That is desecration of our right, desecration of our culture. And we can not allow it to happen. We cannot have two Obongs in the same Kingdom.

‘Edidem Ekpo Okon Abasi Otu V was crowned the Obong on the 5th of May 2008, and he is still on the throne. He has not been dethroned. He has not been removed. He has not died. For anybody to have left his own environment to say he wants to come in here and crown another Obong cannot be accepted.

‘What we’ve done here today is to remind people that the Obongship is based on tripodal authority: one, the Ekpe; two, Deity; and three, blue blood. And Ekpe is our government. So, we cannot allow such a thing to happen. So, we are sending out a warning to those who have intention to come in here to another Obong, it will be highly resisted.

‘And we have told our ancestors that anybody who tries to bring anybody here, our ancestors should deal with them. We are law abiding people. We are not saying our ancestors should kill them, we are not saying they should maim them. We are saying they should do what is correct. They should do to them what they feel is alright. What they gave to us is what we are protecting.

‘Edidem Ekpo Okon Abasi Otu V is our king. And he will remain there until it is time for him to join his ancestors before we start all over again to select another Obong. This is a warning to all those who think they can come and break down our shrine and install another Obong. It will be resisted. And it will not be allowed. What ever was done by our ancestors is what we are doing and we will retain it from now till time ad infinitum.’

A source present at the occasion on Friday said while all Ekpe Lodges are equal, each has its role to play in the crowning of an Obong. It added that the role of Efe Asabo (Python Shrine) is that it doubles both as an Ekpe Lodge (Efe Ekpe Eyo Ema, Ekoretonko) and a traditional shrine specifically for traditional crowning (Uyara Ntinya) of an Obong.