Calabar socialite Diana-Mary Nsan discloses ‘How I bought my first car at 25’

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Nigerian socialite has given a brief insight into how it was possible for her to purchase her first car at twenty-five (25) years of age NEGROIDHAVEN has garnered.

Diana-Mary Nsan who is turning 41 this year attributed that achievement to hard work: ‘To be honest I have worked hard in this life. I may not have everything, but I am thankful. Just a paragraph in my story.’

Nsan who, on Sunday, took to her Facebook timeline to narrate her school and job routine, noted that at her early age she ventured into teaching, broadcasting, and Mcing.

According to her, ‘At 17, twenty three years ago, I was in my first or second year at the University, but I got a job as a French teacher. Estate nursery and primary school. My salary was N10,000. I taught for two years. Then at 19 I quit and settled in broadcasting and MCing.

‘I would teach from 9-11 a m. Go for lectures 12 to 3/4 then go to studio from 5pm, sometimes stay till midnight. by age 20 I started getting reasonable MC jobs and my own TV programmes.’

With these gigs, Nsan explained that she could get her first car as well as other niceties of life.

Her words, ‘The salary was a stipend that could not pass that day, it was small. However the opportunities in broadcasting were overwhelming, and if you could maximize, good thing.

‘I bought my first car at 25, afforded the things a girl needed, hair, bags, shoes, watches, perfumes, clothes and furthering my education to M.A. It felt good to earn a decent living. I could also support family.’

The now tertiary education teacher concluded by saying, ‘I don’t have to put out my personal story, but I believe that those who God has healed can lay bare their scars for the healing of others . My story can be an encouragement on a Sunday morning’.



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