120 hours Cook-a-thon: The timing is so toxic… Calabar socialite

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Chef Damilola Adepurasi from Ekiti has been allegedly cooking for well over 81 hours in an attempt to challenge the yet unofficial Guinness World Record for highest cooking time by an individual attributed to Chef Hilda Baci.

Her ambition to clinch on a Guiness World Record for highest cooking time by an individual has polarised Nigerians, with some commending and encouraging her, while others have frowned.

For those who have condemned Chef Dammy, their argument revolves basically around the idea that the timing of her cook-a-thon is not healthy.

One of those is a socialite in Calabar, namely, Diana-Mary Nsan who argued recently via her page that Chef Dammy’s timing for the cooking competition is so toxic.

Nsan’s words, ‘What gets me miffed is people thinking we are looking down on her because there’s no glamour or glitz in her approach, they are missing the unhealthy timing, which is the crux of any other pettiness in response.

‘The timing is so toxic. It’s like breaking an unwritten human code of conduct. Of course she can aspire, why not! But you see this timing, it stinks of ill, uncalculated and possibly ignorant intentions.’

Recall that Hilda Bassey Effiong popularly called Chef Hilda Baci has an unofficial Guinness World broken Record for cooking 100 hours in May.




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