C’River Deputy Speaker commits to well-being of parentless children in the state

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A Nigerian lawmaker has expressed commitment to the overall well-being of parentless children in Cross River NEGROIDHAVEN has confirmed.

The Deputy Speaker of the 10th Cross River State House of Assembly, CRSHA, Rt. Hon. Sylvester Agabi, on Saturday committed his office to the well-being of motherless children resident at Motherless Babies Home, Uwanse, Calabar.

Agabi who doubles as the state lawmaker representing Obudu State Constituency, expressed his commitment during a visit to the facility at Uwanse in the state capital as part of celebration for his eventful election as the new Deputy Speaker of the state assembly.

Agabi who appreciated the staff for their time, devotion and care for the children, also expressed confidence in their efficiency, effectiveness and professionalism.

Agabi disclosed that his decision to pay the Home a visit was inspired by the fact that after his successful emergence as deputy speaker, he had a grand reception for his constituents and Cross Riverians at large where there was a lot of drinking, eating, etc. But, he observed that the children were not there, a situation which according to his perception rendered the occasion incomplete. ‘And said I must come here to say hi to the children. That is why I am here’, Agabi said.

He assured that the request put forward to him in respect of certain needs of the Home touching on vehicular movement, security and electricity for the facility will be realised.

He explained that he will work with the relevant Commissioner hand-in-hand to deliberate on issues concerning the Home which is where the issue of vehicle, security and a generating set inclusive of other basic amenities will be discussed.

Agabi presented food and gift items including bags of rice, infant formula, milk, spices of various types, sanitary pads and hygiene products, cosmetics and sanitation supplies etc.

‘I urge you all to be rest assured that the request you have put forward today, between the legislature and executive, we will put those things in place for you’, Hon. Agabi said.

Speaking with journalists after the presentation of food and gift items by the Deputy Speaker, Mrs Ekanem Effiom Archibong the Officer-in-Charge of Motherless Babies Home, Calabar, who expressed gratitude to the gesture of Deputy Speaker Agabi, used the opportunity to reach out to the general public of Nigerians to ‘know that we have a home like this which is owned by the Cross River State Government where vulnerable children are being kept, we have a lot of challenges, please come through the Ministry of Humanity and Social Welfare to support the children and ensure that the children are being protected’.

Recall that the 10th Cross River State House of Assembly was proclaimed on the 13th of June, where there was the emergence of Speaker in the person of Rt. Hon. Elvert Ayambem and Deputy Speaker of the Assembly in the person of Rt Hon Sylvester Agabi.

Motherless Babies Home, Uwanse Calabar, which was established in 1970 immediately after the Nigerian-Biafra 1967-1970 Civil War, is owned by the Cross River State Government being a unit under Ministry of Humanity and Social Welfare. It currently has 37 children. It has social workers, nurses, etc. Their duties involve social reconciliation, family tracing, monitoring, social report, home visitation, informal education, medical checkup for the children. There are three categories of children in the facility, namely, abandoned, custodied, and (very) special.