EKÖMBI IS MKPOTO [Esoterica 2] –by Holyns Hogan

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© Holyns Hogan, 2023

For the purpose of definition and avoidance of doubt about how Mkpoto is contextualized in this continuing post on the Efik’s Ekömbi esoterica,, mkpoto is Efik homonym for dais and romanticism, defined by WordWeb Dictionary (2010) as “an exciting and mysterious quality of a heroic time and adventure”.

Above second definition of Mkpoto, not only assert the fact that original ekömbi contains mysteries, symbols or secrets that are best known to its initiates, but infers that it is usually exhibited or experienced through arts that originally celebrate nature with valued imagination, emotion and great warmth over rationality and intensity, rather than uphold civilization, within exaggerated scene (Hogan, 2023, Aye, 1991).

Accordingly, given that “mysterious” as used in our most preferred definition, etymologically relates to mystical, mysticism, esotericism and literary aestheticism and qualifies something whose imports are obscure, beyond ordinary human understanding, we can equally say contextually, from this perspective, that the Efik’s original Ekömbi is on the other hand, a mystery because it has a lot of hidden realities that baffle understanding and cannot be explained… except by initiates as this author.

Consequently, interested readers should kindly follow me spirituallly or mentally to an imagined scene of a special “Ekömbi Itiat Ntokon” dance that is currently being performed in a state ceremonial/religious function before our mental eyes as audience. Look carefully and attentively at the lead solo dancer, beyond the subtle harmonious, rhythmic and elegant twist, turns, squats and rises that aesthetically add to the gaiety of the overall spectacles created by her graceful art on stage.

Keep zeroing your mind-in, until you are spiritually lightened or hightened by the warmth and intensity created by the aura of naturalism, romance fervour, sacredness/beauty, created to enable you see, feel or envelope with the wonders of nature exuded as its mysteries or heroic quality of adventures beyond the ordinary.

Recall that I had previously informed you in esoterica One that “ekömbi is Nsibidi” (pantomimic art full of gestures, symbols or non verbal communication codes reserved for only initiates’ understanding). This further affirms the fact that everything (movement and non- movement) about ekömbi itiat Ntokon that relates to official state cultural or religious events offers meanings beyond the physically seen and ordinarily understood.

Obviously, it is mostly in the sense of these empirically and/or spiritually discovered and asserted virtues or mysteries, that the Efik’s pride and globally glow in fame, glories and dignity as the original owners of original Ekömbi dance.

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