The tweet that made Pst Poju Oyemade block @torty_mercy

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Pst. Poju Oyemade the Senior Pastor and Founder of The Covenant Nation (TCN) has been trending on Twitter recently for blocking a netizen who stood up to him over his political thread suggesting that Nigerians should condone perceived electoral fraud in respect of the 2023 general elections NEGROIDHAVEN can say.

His words, ‘For every one who loves Nigeria you want the country to win regardless of “who is playing.” Just like you want your favourite team to win the trophy even if the coach didn’t field your preferred players, when your team scores you are happy. Let’s stay focused. It’s all about the country winning.’

This was perceived to be a veiled statement in favour of the All Progressives Congress, APC presidential candidate.

Oyemade may have been appealing to the Obidient movement whose presidential candidate was Peter Obi of the Labour party, LP.

@torty_mercy who is also a Christian respectfully disagreed with the religious cleric on the logic that justice must be seen to be served over the perceived infraction at the presidential election.

She said, ‘Dear @pastorpoju

I too I’m a Levite and very careful and skeptical to call out Pastors. I read with keen interest your analysis of Patriotism using football as an example.

‘I beg to respectfully disagree with your analysis as it does not correlate in anyway. I’ll give my points.

‘Though I’m not big on football, but I know that in football, all team members are trained equally. At any point, any player can be substituted and the team still coasts to victory. Their fans celebrate whether their favorite featured or not. Now let’s compare it to this scenario.

‘Two football team were set to have a match, one team believed in their past prowess and rascality, the other team built up from nothing and worked so hard in training for this match. This diligent team played & won the match but in our very eyes the umpire announced d other team.

‘So you mean as a football lover, we should pretend that injustice has not been done & move on? What if FIFA announced France as World Cup winners instead of Argentina? The world will move on like nothing happened? Enough of comparison with football, let me bring us back to reality.

‘People were threatened not to come out and vote if they won’t vote for APC, they braved it and came out, people were attacked, people were maimed, Pastor Poju people died! We could see mutilated result sheet everywhere, the IREV is a total mess! The broad day light theft…

‘No true Patriotic Nigerian will let these evil slide, no truth seeking Nigerian will close their eyes to these facts. Only people with a dead conscience and selfish attitude will want to blackmail others into moving on. I strongly want to believe you are an upright man!

As regards your illustrations about Team, this is no team business, this is a fight between good and evil, truth and lies, darkness and light. Unless you want us to believe we can mix up good and bad and celebrate bad when it favors us!

‘That’s being said…

Let us let the court decide the true winners of the football match, and even if they let evil triumph, WE WILL NOT SWAY because no matter how long the night lasts, day will break! Evil is Evil even if it’s adorned with royal apparels!

‘Nigeria is not a football field Sir! May the Holy spirit continue to teach us all things and bear the fruits of truth in us at all times!

‘Calvary Greetings Sir!‘