10th House of Assembly Commences Screening of Commissioner Designates

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Calabar, NigeriaThe Cross River State House of Assembly has taken a significant step in the appointment process by commencing the screening of commissioner designates for the State Executive Council. The Speaker of the State House of Assembly, Rt. Hon Elvert Ayambem, presided over the screening process and urged the nominees to undergo rigorous scrutiny while adhering to the House’s regulations.

The screening exercise, held at the Assembly’s Auditorium, marks an essential phase in the state’s governance as the Assembly aims to ensure that each commissioner designate is meticulously vetted before assuming office. Speaker Ayambem emphasised the Assembly’s commitment to setting a high bar for the screening process, ensuring that none of the nominees would be left unscrutinized.

Rt. Hon. Dr Davies Etta, Chairman of the Committee on Judiciary/Petition and Conflict Resolution, was entrusted with leading the examination of each commissioner designate. The Assembly intends to uphold the mandate set forth by the executive governor of the state, HE Sen. Prince Bassey Edet Otu, who sought thorough vetting and scrutiny of the commissioner designates.

While the intention of the screening process is not to withdraw any nominee, it is aimed at ensuring that Governor Otu’s vision for the state is bolstered by a team of capable and effective commissioners. The criteria for suitability were laid out clearly, ensuring that the nominees possess the requisite qualifications, qualities, and competence to serve the people of Cross River State effectively.

In his address, Speaker Ayambem emphasised the significance of this screening process. He stated, ‘The screening process is crucial in ensuring that the governor’s vision for the state is translated into tangible actions. Our goal is to have commissioners who are not only qualified but also dedicated to serving the best interests of our citizens.’

With the involvement of the Committee on Judiciary/Petition and Conflict Resolution, the Assembly aims to conduct a thorough and comprehensive screening, thereby instilling confidence in the governance of Cross River State. This process will ensure that only the most deserving candidates occupy key positions in the State Executive Council.

The screening exercise continues to receive the support and attention of the public, as the citizens of Cross River State eagerly anticipate the unveiling of the new team of commissioners who will work diligently to propel the state forward.

As the screening process unfolds, the Cross River State House of Assembly remains committed to upholding transparency, accountability, and good governance, ensuring that the interests of the people are at the forefront of all decisions made.