‘Agba Jalingo was misinformed’… Hon Ekarika Clarifies Stance on Security Interference Amid Kidnapping in Calabar South

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In a recent interview, Hon. Effiong Ekarika, the representative of Calabar South State Constituency 1 at the 10th Cross River State House of Assembly, addressed misconceptions surrounding his involvement in matters related to security in the area. The lawmaker emphasised his commitment to collaborative efforts to tackle insecurity while shedding light on the actual incident in question NEGROIDHAVEN has garnered.

Ekarika, a community leader and former ward chairman under the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), reiterated his dedication to the wellbeing of his constituents. He clarified that his intention was not to challenge or obstruct the work of the state security adviser, contrary to a recent social media post that mischaracterised the situation.

Explaining the context of the incident, Ekarika recounted a scenario involving the shutdown of a jetty in his community recently. He pointed out that his concern was to ensure fairness and equity, as another jetty continued operations while the one in question was closed. The lawmaker’s intervention aimed to maintain balance and prevent potential tensions among the community members.

Dismissing the notion of confrontational behaviour, Ekarika emphasised that his goal is to collaborate with relevant authorities to enhance security measures in his constituency. He highlighted his past efforts, even while in the opposition APC party, to curtail insecurity and prevent cult-related activities. He stressed that his recent actions were intended to advise and facilitate communication with security officials rather than challenge their role.

The lawmaker acknowledged the prevalence of insecurity in Calabar South, especially with regards to the recent rise in kidnappings. He shared his support for a motion aimed at combating insecurity in the area, emphasising the need for decisive actions and cooperation from all stakeholders. He cited the successful approach taken in addressing insecurity in Sambisa forest and encouraged a similar strategy to be adopted in Cross River State.

Ekarika also addressed the root causes of insecurity in the constituency, pinpointing certain areas like Jebbs in Calabar South State Constituency 2 as breeding grounds for criminal activities. He emphasised that collaborative efforts between the government and local communities, including the formation of well-funded vigilante groups, could play a pivotal role in curbing criminal activities.

The lawmaker’s interview sheds light on his dedication to fostering peace and security within his constituency. It serves as a reminder of the importance of accurate information and dialogue to address pressing issues like insecurity, ensuring the safety and prosperity of the people he represents.