Assembly Screens Commissioner-Nominees Amidst Concerns Over Dilapidated Furniture

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Calabar, NigeriaThe ongoing screening of Commissioner-designates by the 10th Cross River State House of Assembly has sparked concern and criticism over the condition of the furniture used during the proceedings. A leaked photograph revealed the dilapidated state of the furniture, raising questions about the Assembly’s commitment to providing a conducive environment for essential government functions NEGROIDHAVEN can say.

The screening process, led by the House Committee on Judiciary/Petition and Conflict Resolution, chaired by Rt. Hon. Dr Davies Etta, has been marred by the use of tattered furniture, capturing the attention of social commentators and citizens alike. Many have expressed their dismay at the state of affairs, calling it a shameful representation of government business.

One prominent social commentator, Kennedy Nsan, a university teacher, voiced his disappointment, stating, “It’s very shameful to see a Commissioner nominee sitting on this kind of chair while being screened by members of CRS House of Assembly. Did the previous looting and non-performing government that looted cars in its twilight loot chairs too? SMH… MC can’t sit on this chair in his house, see what we’ve turned government business to? Shameful!”

The leaked photograph has ignited public outrage and raised questions about the Assembly’s priorities and the state of the legislative chambers. Citizens are demanding an explanation from the Assembly on the neglect of essential infrastructure within their premises, especially during critical proceedings like the screening of Commissioner-nominees.

As the state legislature is responsible for ensuring the smooth functioning of government affairs, the current situation has left many citizens questioning the level of commitment and responsibility of the Assembly members.

While the screening exercise continues, the focus on the dilapidated furniture has diverted attention from the actual qualifications and capabilities of the Commissioner-nominees. The urgent need for the House of Assembly to address this issue and provide a conducive working environment for essential government functions cannot be overstated.

As the news of the dilapidated furniture spreads across social media and news outlets, the 10th Cross River State House of Assembly faces mounting pressure to take immediate action and restore the dignity of government proceedings. The citizens of Cross River State are closely watching, hoping that the Assembly will swiftly rectify this situation and uphold the integrity of the state’s legislative functions.