Calabar Municipality Assembly Member Extols Commissioner-Nominees, Seeks Confirmation

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Calabar, Nigeria – Hon. Stanley Nsemo, the representative of Calabar Municipality State Constituency at the Cross River State House of Assembly, has vouched for the character, qualification, and capacity of his constituents nominated for appointment as Commissioners NEGROIDHAVEN can report authoritatively.

The state governor, Senator Prince Bassey Otu, recently forwarded the names of 26 individuals nominated as Commissioners to the House of Assembly for screening and confirmation, two of whom, Chief Felix Idem and Bishop Margaret Ene-Ita, hail from Calabar Municipality.

In a commendation letter addressed to the House Speaker and dated 31st July 2023, Hon. Nsemo provided a glowing endorsement for the exceptional skills and dedication displayed by the nominees. He praised their strong work ethic, meticulous attention to detail, and remarkable ability to collaborate effectively with diverse teams.

According to the lawmaker, the nominees have consistently demonstrated excellent problem-solving abilities and a genuine commitment to finding innovative solutions to complex issues. He further described them as highly organised individuals, adept at managing multiple tasks simultaneously, and having an impressive track record of meeting deadlines and delivering high-quality work even under pressure.

Nsemo (L) with Idem (R) at the chamber of the House of Assembly

Chief Felix Idem and Bishop Margaret Ene-Ita, in particular, were highlighted as outstanding communicators and effective leaders who foster a positive and inclusive work environment in their respective areas of specialisation. Hon. Nsemo emphasized that they possess exceptional leadership qualities, always taking the initiative and remaining adaptable in dynamic situations. He also praised their eagerness to learn and grow professionally.

Expressing unwavering confidence in the nominees’ abilities, Hon. Nsemo believes they will be valuable assets to the State Government and will excel in any role assigned to them. He wholeheartedly endorsed them for the Commissioner positions and expressed his belief that they will make significant contributions to the team and the state at large.

In his recommendation letter, Hon. Nsemo concluded by stating, “I am fully confident that the Commissioner nominees from Calabar Municipality will bring forth fresh perspectives and enrich the State Government with their wealth of experience. They have my unequivocal support, and I believe they will serve the State with utmost dedication and integrity.”

As the House of Assembly embarks on the screening and confirmation process, the glowing endorsement from Hon. Stanley Nsemo speaks volumes about the caliber of nominees from Calabar Municipality. Their potential appointment as Commissioners promises to bolster the State Government with capable and effective leaders, ready to contribute to the betterment of Cross River State.