C’River Gov’t Plans to Elevate Lawrence Henshaw Memorial Hospital to General Hospital Status -Health Commissioner

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CalabarThe administration led by Governor Bassey Otu in Cross River State has reaffirmed its commitment to advancing Universal Health Coverage (UHC) by announcing its intention to upgrade Lawrence Henshaw Memorial Hospital from its current status as an Infectious Disease facility to a fully-equipped General Hospital NEGROIDHAVEN can report.

Dr. Henry Egbe Ayuk, the Commissioner for Health, disclosed this information during an on-site inspection of the hospital. The facility had suffered severe damage during the EndSars protests, leading to concerns about healthcare access in the area.

Speaking to reporters after the assessment, Dr. Ayuk emphasised the significant impact of the hospital’s destruction on the residents of Calabar South. He highlighted the critical role the Lawrence Henshaw Memorial Hospital plays as the sole secondary healthcare facility in the Local Government Area. Dr. Ayuk stressed that achieving UHC goals requires transforming the hospital into a comprehensive healthcare provider.

Expressing dissatisfaction with the slow pace of ongoing repair work at the hospital, the Health Commissioner assured the citizens, particularly those of Calabar South, that the government is taking proactive measures. He mentioned engagements with the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC) and other supporters to expedite the hospital’s restoration.

Dr. Ayuk also called upon international and local partners who depend on the facility for health data to extend their support to the government’s efforts. While acknowledging their contributions, he urged them to take their involvement a step further by aiding in the hospital’s reconstruction. The Commissioner highlighted the dire condition of the facility’s environment, which affects service delivery.

He conveyed the determination of Governor Otu to completely rebuild the hospital and ensure its full functionality within the next year, underlining the administration’s commitment to prioritizing healthcare services.

During the visit, Dr. Kenneth Takim, the medical superintendent of the hospital, led the Commissioner and his team on a tour of the facility. Dr. Takim expressed gratitude for the Commissioner’s prompt response in personally assessing the hospital’s state. He expressed optimism that the current administration’s ‘People First’ approach would spearhead a healthcare revolution in the state, underscoring the vital link between a healthy population and effective governance.