Former C’River Commissioner for Information, Asu Okan Appointed to NDDC Board by President Tinubu

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In a decisive move aimed at strengthening the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC) and promoting effective regional development, President Bola Ahmed Tinubu has appointed a new Board and Management team for the commission. Among the newly appointed members is Comrade Asu Okan, the former Cross River Commissioner for Information NEGROIDHAVEN can report.

The announcement, which was made through a State House Press Release, highlighted the President’s commitment to ushering in a new era of successful administration within the NDDC, aligning with his Renewed Hope agenda. The newly appointed board members include prominent figures from various states in the Niger Delta region.

Comrade Asu Okan’s appointment as the State Representative for Cross River is particularly significant, given his extensive experience in governance and information management. Having served as the Commissioner for Information in Cross River State, Comrade Asu Okan brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the NDDC board.

President Tinubu’s decision to appoint Comrade Asu Okan is a testament to his dedication to assembling a team of individuals who can drive impactful change and development in the Niger Delta region. The President’s vision is to address the pressing issues facing the region and to enhance collaboration between the NDDC and the various states in the area.

The newly constituted NDDC Board includes representatives from different states within the Niger Delta, reflecting a commitment to a collaborative approach to regional development. With individuals of diverse backgrounds and expertise, the board is poised to usher in a new chapter of progress and transformation.

Comrade Asu Okan’s appointment is expected to further bolster the NDDC’s efforts in fostering development, addressing infrastructure challenges, and promoting socio-economic growth within Cross River State and the entire Niger Delta region.

The appointments, which take immediate effect, have generated excitement and anticipation among stakeholders, as the new Board and Management team gear up to steer the NDDC towards achieving its developmental objectives under President Tinubu’s leadership.

As the nation watches with expectations, the newly appointed NDDC Board, including Comrade Asu Okan, is ready to embark on a journey of purposeful leadership and impactful development in the Niger Delta region.