Efik Professionals Pledge Loyalty and Support to Obong of Calabar’s Throne

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Calabar, Cross RiverA group known as Efik Professionals has expressed their unwavering loyalty and support to the throne of the Obong of Calabar, His Eminence Edidem Ekpo Okon Abasi-Otu V. In a press statement issued on Tuesday, the group highlighted their commitment to the unity and progress of the Efik Eburutu Kingdom amidst recent developments that have drawn attention to the sanctity of the royal court NEGROIDHAVEN can report.

The press statement signed by Chief (Arc.) Victor Edet Okon and delivered at the royal court of the Obong of Calabar, emphasised the significance of maintaining unity within the Efik Eburutu Kingdom. The group acknowledged that despite differences, there can only be one Obong at a time, and the recent disputes have brought forth narratives that diverge from the collective identity of the Efik people.

The statement also revealed the group’s concern over the escalation of divisive narratives, stating that the judicial process pursued by some royal fathers and prominent individuals has not contributed to the harmonious resolution of the issue. Instead, it has exposed the kingdom to external exploitation and hindered the pursuit of peace, progress, and unity.

‘We have unconscionably been compelled to traverse the judicial process up to the Supreme Court in a matter that would have been handled traditionally within the palace. Rather than heal the wounds, this approach has further exposed us to predators and naysayers which seek to capitalize on and exploit on more that divides us, rather than unites us. Some of our royal fathers in concert with one of our most accomplished sons and others who should know better have acted in a manner that is not regal or befitting to the oath of allegiance to this royal court and the Efik kingdom in general.

‘Let it be on record that time is the most dangerous enemy to those who rush into action at the wrong moment, therefore missing the boat at this crucial moment of our renaissance, and could spell doom to our overall goal of peace, progress and unity of Efik Eburutu Kingdom’, their statement reads in part.

The Efik Professionals highlighted the importance of the Obong’s Palace as a rallying point for unity and a platform to address critical issues affecting the kingdom. They pointed out the need for collective action against insecurity, kidnapping, thuggery, and governance challenges that have plagued the region. The group commended the efforts of Senator Prince Bassey Edet Otu, the Executive Governor of Cross River State, and expressed their willingness to support the government in tackling the challenges faced by the state.

In their statement, the Efik Professionals also praised the Obong’s Palace for its annual scholarship program that has benefited over 300 indigent students. They pledged to collaborate with the palace to sustain and expand this program beyond the reign of Edidem Ekpo Okon Abasi-Otu V. Additionally, they urged the establishment of a robust media team to document and disseminate the palace’s activities and initiatives for broader public awareness.

The press statement concluded with a resounding affirmation of loyalty to His Eminence Edidem Ekpo Okon Abasi-Otu V and a heartfelt declaration of support for the continued prosperity of the Efik Eburutu Kingdom.

Otu V who expressed the delight of the palace at the visit of the group sued for continued unity, firmness, and patriotism for the cause of Efik Eburutu to secure the advancement of the race. The Obong of Calabar further noted that hunger is not good. Though hunger does not push you into act(ions) that will cause others to be estranged from you noted that rather, hunger is necessary for inspiring positive activity for defining one’s dignity. The preeminent royal father while decrying the lack of love as the most daunting challenge plaguing Efik indigenes urged Efik Professionals to take it a a responsibility to unite other Efik natives.

‘Learn to say the truth always. I know people do not like the truth but, use it to lead your life, learn to say the truth always and everywhere. You will only be hated but, you will not be beaten. At the end, your truth will stand out. So, let’s learn to be truthful’, Otu V advised.