Etuboms’ Traditional Council Denounces Chief Anthony Ani’s Quest for Obong of Calabar Title

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Calabar, Cross RiverThe Etuboms’ Traditional Council, Palace of the Obong of Calabar, has issued a scathing denouncement of Chief Anthony Ani’s recent actions and statements, branding them as highly provocative and detrimental to the revered traditional institution NEGROIDHAVEN can report authoritatively.

In a press statement, the Council expressed concern over Chief Ani’s attempt to induce Paramount Rulers in the state to endorse him as the ‘Obong-elect,’ terming such actions as an abomination and a desperate misadventure.

The statement highlighted Chief Ani’s conflicting actions, urging support for the government of Sen Prince Otu while simultaneously engaging in activities that could spark mayhem and disaffection for the government. The Council also criticised his persistent efforts to seek endorsements from various quarters, likening them to seeking a “free meal and brown envelope” for support. The press release emphasised that Chief Ani’s mission appears to be an attempt to tarnish and destroy the traditional Efik Throne, despite the Supreme Court’s unambiguous ruling that his appeal was “DISMISSED” for “LACK OF MERIT.”

In the interest of maintaining law and order, the Etuboms’ Traditional Council called on the Government and Security Agencies in Cross River state to be vigilant and take appropriate action to prevent any potential breakdown of law and order. The Efik Eburutu Kingdom’s youth and people were urged to remain calm and refrain from taking the law into their own hands.