Police Officer’s Alleged Extortion, Harassment on Ogoni Road Sparks Outrage on Social Media

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…Calls for Reform Gain Momentum on Social Media

A recent incident involving a police officer’s alleged extortion and harassment of a traveler on Ogoni Road has sparked outrage on social media platforms, shedding light on issues of corruption and misconduct within the Nigerian Police Force, NPF NEGROIDHAVEN has garnered.

The incident was shared by Lady Apostle Helen Ukpabio of the Liberty Gospel Church, who recounted her ordeal when returning to Calabar from Port Harcourt. According to her account, she was detained by the officer for about an hour on Ogoni Road, during which he demanded 15 liters of fuel as bribe. Despite her refusal to comply with his request, her bags were reportedly searched thoroughly, and her belongings were spread out on the road.

Helen Ukpabio (left) with police officer (sitting)

The story resonated with many social media users who shared similar experiences and expressed their frustration with the alleged misconduct of the police officer. Several individuals recounted their encounters with the officer, nicknamed ‘Documents,’ who is known for allegedly citing minor issues with travelers’ documents to delay their journeys.

Simon Utsu a netizen, in a related post, shared his own experience and emphasised the need for intervention from higher authorities to address such issues. He highlighted that he was able to resolve his situation through the intervention of a stakeholder in Ogoni land.

The conversation on social media also highlighted concerns about the conduct of some police officers and the need for reform within the Nigerian Police Force. Users expressed disappointment with the officer’s alleged behaviour, especially in a region like Ogoni known for its complex history, insecurity and environmental challenges.

Many users called for appropriate actions to be taken against the officer. Some suggested forwarding his details to the Force Public Relations Department in Abuja for further investigation and disciplinary actions. Others encouraged victims of police misconduct to seek redress through appropriate channels and legal means.

The incident and subsequent discussion on social media shed light on the broader issues of extortion, harassment, and corruption within law enforcement agencies in Nigeria. It highlights the urgent need for systemic reforms to ensure transparency, accountability, and the protection of citizens’ rights.

As the conversation gains momentum on social media platforms, calls for justice and accountability continue to resonate among Nigerians, underscoring the demand for positive change in law enforcement practices.