C’River Gov’t Developing MTEF and FSP… SA Budget Otu Otu Ita discloses

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The Cross River State Government under the leadership of Gov Bassey Otu is currently developing the Medium Term Expenditure Framework, MTEF and Fiscal Strategy Paper, FSP NEGROIDHAVEN has learnt.

This disclosure was made in Calabar the state capital metropolis on Thursday by Otu Otu Ita the Special Adviser on Budget, Monitoring & Evaluation to the state governor during the One Day Consultative Forum for the 2024 Budget Preparation.

In his address to the audience comprising members of the state executive council, civil society organisations, youth groups, women groups, student groups, the media and general public etc, SA Ita explained that the MTEF and FSP which will span 3 years will hinge on the People’s First manifesto, the gubernatorial campaign mantra of the incumbent governor. He observed that the anticipated document aspires to impact both rural and urban dwellers.

Otu said that, ‘Budget Office is developing a Medium Term Expenditure Framework, and Fiscal Strategy Paper, which is a three year rolling plan from where all her annual budget shall be fine-tuned. I am pleased to also inform that the proposed medium term expenditure framework and fiscal strategy paper is developed using historical data. This data are sourced from previous year’s account of the state and audited financial statements.

‘In developing the Medium Term Expenditure Framework and Fiscal Strategy Document, the people first agenda is the hallmark. We are all aware that His Excellency Sen. Bassey Otu is running his government on the mantra, the People’s First. As we are all aware Cross River State under the leadership of Sen. Bassey Otu is committed to allocating resources to expenditure activities, programmes and projects that will benefit everyone in our dear state irrespective of social class.

‘The purpose of our meeting today is to achieve an all-inclusive budget document that will meet the desires of our people where no one is left behind. It is hoped that at the end of our conversation today, development gaps in our various villages and urban areas will be identified and appropriate steps taken to address them.’

In his speech at the event Gov Otu informed that the 2023 Appropriation Law will be christened ‘The People’s Budget’; Otu added that ‘the budget will build Cross River State, improve infrastructure, improve the standard of living, improve education, improve healthcare as well as improve our transport system.’

Further elaborating on the character of the budget, the Deputy Governor who represented the state governor explained that the state government is keen about a social register for every Cross Riverian such that will facilitate proper budgeting. He assured that what will be officially voted in the budget for whatever project will be what will be appropriated eventually.

His words, ‘This administration is building on a social register of all Cross Riverians so that it will help in proper budgeting. We are going to have a new Cross River State. If we appropriate N100m for road infrastructure, we will ensure that N100m goes into that.

‘If we do not implement appropriately, then we stand the risk. If we do not prepare the right opportunity that will reduce poverty, hunger, improve healthcare, we stand the risk of a collapse state. I want to assure you that the Government of Prince Bassey Otu is going to ensure that these budgets are implemented to the very latter,’ the deputy governor assured.

The Consultative Forum witnessed CSOs proceeding into a breakout session where she further splitted into 5 groups to further engage the anticipated budget along the core five ministries/areas, namely, Agriculture, Health, Education, Environment and Women/Youth.