Cross River Government Officially Adopts Bakassi Fish Festival into Tourism Calendar

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By Carolyn Ugbor

Cross River State is taking significant steps to enrich its tourism calendar and boost the state’s burgeoning tourism industry. Chief Robert Abubakar Ewa, the Commissioner for Tourism, Arts, and Culture, in collaboration with the Board of Trustees of the Bakassi Fish Festival, has officially incorporated this fishing festival into the state’s tourism calendar NEGROIDHAVEN can report authoritatively.

This landmark decision was announced on September 12, 2023, during a courtesy visit to the commissioner’s office by members of the festival’s Board of Trustees.

Chief Ewa commended the Board of Trustees for their visionary initiative, recognizing their role in showcasing the cultural heritage of the Bakassi people and expanding the frontiers of tourism in Cross River State. He highlighted Bakassi’s international reputation as a fishing hub and emphasized the global potential of such events, given the state’s proximity to Equatorial Guinea and Cameroon, as well as its rich ethnic diversity.

However, Chief Ewa also called on the Board of Trustees to create a welcoming environment in their community for tourism to flourish, emphasizing that tourism thrives in a hospitable atmosphere.

DG Frank Edima (middle holding the magazine) with the Hon. Commissioner for Tourism and her team

During the visit, Honourable Chief Ani Esin, Chairman of the Board of Trustees for the Bakassi Fish Festival, expressed their desire to collaborate with Cross River State to share their tourism insights using the region’s natural resources.

Frank Edima, the Director General of the Bakassi Fish Festival, confirmed their commitment to showcasing stories that celebrate Bakassi, with a diverse lineup of events, including boat racing and a beauty pageant. She underlined the potential for these events to open up international opportunities for Cross River State and further promote peace and unity in the region.

The event’s highlight included the presentation of the inaugural magazine featuring the first Bakassi Fish Festival to the Honourable Commissioner, marking a significant step in the festival’s integration into the state’s tourism calendar.