Federal Highway in Calabar/Ikom/Ogoja Axis Faces Dire Infrastructure Crisis

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CalabarDisturbing images and videos depicting the deplorable state of the Calabar/Ikom/Ogoja federal highway, particularly at the Bekwara-Ogoja Ndok Junction axis, have raised concerns among residents and stakeholders in Cross River State NEGROIDHAVEN can report authoritatively.

In a viral thread on social media, concerned citizen Paul Ajie posted a video that showcased the severe road conditions, urging authorities to address the issue promptly. He emphasized that the road is a vital gateway to northern Nigeria and that its deteriorating state has disrupted commercial activities for months.

The terrible road conditions have resulted in significant losses, as man-hours are wasted daily due to the severe traffic congestion. This situation has also contributed to an increase in crime rates in the affected areas.

Mr. Ajie’s message was a plea for urgent intervention from the federal government, given the suffering experienced by the people of Cross River State. He specifically called on the Honourable Commissioner for Works in Cross River State, the Director of the Federal Roads Maintenance Agency (FERMA) in Cross River State, the Federal Controller for Works in Cross River State, and the State Director of the Department of State Services (DSS) in Cross River State to draw the attention of the Honourable Minister for Works to this critical issue.

The state of federal highways, like the Calabar/Ikom/Ogoja road, is a matter of grave concern, as it not only affects economic activities but also poses significant risks to the safety of commuters. The deterioration of this vital road highlights the urgent need for infrastructure investment and rehabilitation efforts in Nigeria.

Citizens and stakeholders hope that the federal government will take swift action to address this pressing issue and provide the necessary resources to restore the Calabar/Ikom/Ogoja federal highway to a safe and reliable condition.

Efforts to contact relevant government officials for comments on the situation are ongoing. The residents and commuters of Cross River State eagerly await the resolution of this pressing infrastructure challenge.