Meet the Dazzling New Mr. & Miss Bakassi 2023 Royalties

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Calabar, Cross River – The recently concluded second edition of Mr. & Miss Bakassi was a breathtaking showcase of elegance, poise, and grace. Hosted at Calabar’s finest event center, The Dome, which is proudly owned by a Bakassi native and philanthropist, the event was a resounding success NEGROIDHAVEN has garnered.

Over three days and two nights of intense competition and training, 13 contestants (comprising 5 females and 8 males) vied for the prestigious titles of Mr. & Miss Bakassi. Through rigorous coaching, skill acquisition, rehearsals, and live presentations, two remarkable individuals emerged as the winners of Mr. & Miss Bakassi 2023.

Meet Mr. Bakassi 2023 – Austine Matthew: Austine is a second-year student in the Department of Public Administration at the University of Calabar. He’s not just a student but also a passionate dancer who infuses charisma and boundless energy into his performances. Beyond his talents, he’s known for his welcoming personality and love for socializing. Austine firmly believes in the mantra, “Never give up on failure, because failure is a stepping stone to greatness.” He aspires to establish a dance academy in the near future, further nurturing his passion for dance.

Meet Miss Bakassi 2023 – Redeemer Etim Effiong: Redeemer, at 19 years old, is a student pursuing Medicine and Surgery at the University of Calabar. Her journey into the medical field was influenced by her mother’s health struggles, which led her to spend considerable time alongside experienced healthcare professionals. This experience shaped her belief in holistic healthcare, focusing not only on treating physical symptoms but also considering mental and social factors in patient care. Redeemer is a multi-talented young entrepreneur, excelling as a female barber, chef, and model. She is on a determined path to establish a five-star brand in her career journey. Known for her discipline, commitment, and consistency, Redeemer is also a free spirit who embraces new ideas, guided by the principle of “never leave what you know is good for what you think is better.”

These newly crowned Mr. & Miss Bakassi 2023 winners are shining examples of talent, dedication, and ambition, thanks to the Bakassi Fish Festival International.