Security Advocacy Tour in Bakassi Sparks Calls for Government-Community Collaboration

Entrance gate to Bakassi LGA
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Bakassi, Nigeria – On Monday, September 25, 2023, an insightful Security and Peace Advocacy Tour was organized by the Office of the Security Adviser – South, representing the Government of Cross River state. The event held in Bakassi, a region with its unique security challenges, aimed to foster peace and understanding between the community and the state government.

The fallout from this critical meeting was a resounding call for a meaningful and symbiotic collaboration between the community and the government. The Office of the Security Adviser – South manned by Cdr Patrick Odiong Rtd, as part of facilitating the ‘People’s First mandate of Gov Bassey Otu, played a pivotal role as a bridge for this potential partnership. At the heart of this collaboration lies the sharing of crucial information regarding security concerns within the community.

Bakassi, known for its complex security landscape, stands at a juncture where cooperation is not just necessary but imperative. The community faces various security issues that can be mitigated through timely and accurate information sharing with the government. This tour programme served as a platform to highlight the importance of this information exchange.

The state government, represented by the the Security Adviser – South, Cdr Odiong Rtd expressed its willingness to act swiftly on any information provided by the community to enhance security. This two-way communication system could significantly contribute to addressing the region’s security challenges.

‘Some people said vigilante cannot work but, we said there is no other way. The youth leaders and village council and heads must form a village vigilante headed by the youth leader’, Odiong disclosed. The job of the vigilante is to gather information about any suspicious activity likely to threaten the community, communicate same to the appropriate quarters, which will be acted upon by the state government immediately.

As the call for collaboration reverberates through Bakassi, it is evident that both sides recognize the interdependence between the community’s safety and the government’s ability to protect its citizens. This understanding signifies a positive step towards a more secure and peaceful Bakassi.

In a time when security concerns are prevalent, fostering such partnerships is crucial for safeguarding lives and property. The Security and Peace Advocacy Tour in Bakassi has ignited hope for a brighter and safer future in this unique region of Cross River State