Cross River Residents Express Concerns Over CallyAir Inactivity Amidst Ibom Air Suspension

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…Questions Arise Regarding the Status and Operation of Cross River’s CallyAir

In a series of online discussions within the Cross River state community, residents have voiced their concerns and raised questions about the inactivity of CallyAir, the state-owned airline. The conversations, sparked by the suspension of Ibom Air, Akwa Ibom’s state-owned airline, highlight the need for clarity on the current status and operations of CallyAir NEGROIDHAVEN can report.

As residents express frustration and seek answers, questions have been raised by individuals such as Tom Alims, Obi Simon, and Inyali Peter, emphasizing the absence of flights on the Calabar route by CallyAir. The sentiment echoes concerns about the state of the airline, which was reportedly purchased with funds from all 18 local government areas of Cross River state.

Kingsley Effioekpo and Inyali Peter PhD have suggested a potential economic rivalry between the sister states, noting the impact of Ibom Air’s suspension on Cross River during the approaching festive period. He urges proactive measures to avoid such setbacks, emphasizing the economic implications, particularly on events like the carnival.

A particular grievance comes from Ohighe Akhihimienho, who claims that CallyAir refused to refund money. This adds another layer of dissatisfaction among residents who expected seamless operations from the state-owned airline.

The discussion also touches on an alleged incident involving Cally/Aero Air, where it skidded off the runway recently, raising questions about the airline’s commitment to servicing routes within Cross River state. John Idu challenges the runway’s limitations, emphasizing that it was not the choice of the residents.

In response to concerns, Daniel Riwo points out the irony of blaming Ibom Air for not flying the Calabar route when CallyAir, a state-owned airline, is inactive. Residents express frustration at the seeming lack of accountability and operational transparency surrounding CallyAir.

As the discussions continue, Edem Archibong underscores the seriousness of the matter, criticizing the leniency in handling critical issues in the country.

The absence of clear information about CallyAir’s operations raises questions about its purpose and commitment to serving the people of Cross River. Residents call for accountability and transparency to address their concerns regarding the state-owned airline.