Health Commissioner Calls for Enhanced Data Management and Licensing in Health Systems

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Calabar – Cross River State’s Commissioner for Health, Dr. Henry Egbe Ayuk, has emphasized the need to strengthen the quality of services provided by the Health Records Officers’ Registration Board of Nigeria (HRORBN). His advocacy centers around safer data management, licensing, and the implementation of Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) in the state’s health systems.

Dr. Ayuk, during a recent meeting with members of HRORBN, highlighted the critical role played by data management in ensuring the effective delivery of healthcare services. He expressed his belief that allocating a larger budget for data management is vital, considering the importance of data in healthcare. In response, the state has already allocated increased funds for data system enhancement in the 2024 budget.

HRORBN’s Registrar, Alhaji Babagana Mustapha, praised Dr. Ayuk’s performance since assuming the role of Commissioner. He commended the Commissioner’s positive impact, citing feedback from both individuals and the press. Mustapha also mentioned the establishment of a committee responsible for improving data management within the healthcare sector. Additionally, there is an ongoing project to develop software accessible to students for information technology and electronic data management.

In conclusion, Mustapha made a plea for the employment of HRORBN members into the state’s healthcare system and the promotion of those already employed by the State Government.