SERMATECH Responds to Criticisms on Calabar-Itu Federal Highway Project

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Calabar – SERMATECH Nigeria Limited has issued a comprehensive response to recent criticisms circulating on social media concerning the quality of work on the Calabar-Itu Federal Highway project. The statement, signed by Bogus Aiks, the Public Relations Officer of SERMATECH, refutes claims made by the Cross River South Consultative Forum, defending the company’s track record and providing detailed updates on the ongoing project NEGROIDHAVEN has garnered.

In response to concerns raised about the quality of the projects, SERMATECH emphasized its status as an indigenous construction giant with over 20 years of experience in the industry. The company highlighted its successful delivery on mandates, including the completion of the 67km stretch from Iyamotong to Akpet 1.

Regarding the Calabar-Itu Federal Highway project, SERMATECH clarified that the section under its jurisdiction is approximately 28km, contrary to the reported 50km. The company denied responsibility for the portion mentioned by the Cross River South Consultative Forum and asserted that this falls under a different company’s purview.

The Public Relations Officer, Aiks, stated, “SERMATECH has always executed all contracts awarded to it with full compliance to scope and specifications. We wish to point out that our project spans through two critical swamps, namely the Okpokong swamp and the Calabar River swamp.”

SERMATECH addressed the delay in completion, attributing it to a paucity of funds from the federal government. Despite challenges, the company is actively working on critical sections, including the Calabar River swamp, where geotechnical treatments, subsoil drainage, and stabilization efforts are ongoing.

The statement highlighted completed milestones, such as the full construction of two out of four bridges, Atan and Okpokong, with the third bridge, Ayadeghe, at the capping beam level. SERMATECH also affirmed its commitment to palliative interventions to ensure free flow of traffic on the road.

Bogus Aiks urged stakeholders and agencies to seek accurate information from project stakeholders, such as the Federal Ministry of Works or NNPC, to avoid misleading the public. The company reassured the public of its dedication to delivering quality projects and announced the commencement of palliative works to ease traffic during the Yuletide season.