African American Ladies Embrace Efik Roots, Inducted into Abasi Ntiero Family

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In a heartwarming ceremony in Calabar the port and capital city of Cross River, five highly accomplished African American ladies were officially welcomed and inducted into the Efik Kingdom. They are now bonafide members of Abasi Ntiero Family of Ntiero Edem Efiom Ekpo Royal House of Efik Eburutu Kingdom NEGROIDHAVEN can report authoritatively. 

This deeply traditional ceremony marks a significant chapter in their quest to reconnect with their long lost Efik heritage.

The event was crowned by their presentation to the Obong of Calabar, Edidem Ekpo Okon Abasi-Otu V in an emotionally charged ceremony.

The Obong of Calabar expressed genuine enthusiasm for the ladies’ decision to trace their roots, stating, “It’s a welcome development. We don’t want to shy away from it. For those who want to trace their roots and have found somewhere convenient for them that they can actually fit in. Please don’t hesitate to do it. Do it. So I welcome all of you to Nigeria. I welcome all of you to Calabar. I welcome all of you back as you are now a part of the ancient Efik Eburutu Kingdom.”

A representative of the American ladies conveyed their deep gratitude and sense of belonging, stating, “I feel that I and my fellow African American ladies are now finally back home. We all feel so special and connected to all the Efik brothers and sisters we have met. Thank you very much for accepting us into your family and home.” The women, some of who had retired after very successful corporate careers, chose to identify with their roots, seeking a deeper connection to their history and heritage.

Etubom (Arc.) Bassey Ndem during the occasion
The 5 African American ladies in Efe Ekpe Asibong Ekondo, Calabar
The 5 African American ladies with Ekpe lords of Efe Ekpe Asibong Ekondo

Etubom (Arc.) Bassey Ndem, the head (Etubom) of the Ntiero Edem Efiom Ekpo Royal House, who accepted and inducted the Americans into his family, expressed immense pleasure at the accomplished American ladies identifying with the Efik culture. He acknowledged the emotional experience for the ladies and highlighted the importance of their return to their real homeland and roots at a time when many Nigerians were fleeing the shores of their own country and culture.

In response to questions about the status and inclusivity of the women in Efik culture, Etubom Ndem clarified, “It is not a strange practice in Efik kingdom.They are now bonafide members of our family. We have taken them through the entire process of traditional adoption, the Efik way, including their Nkanda Ekpe rites, which is reserved for favoured Efik daughters. They’ve been given the blessings of even our king, the Obong of Calabar,Edidem Ekpo Okon Abasi Otu V. More importantly you saw us perform a solemn traditional naming ceremony and I bestowed them with primordial Efik names like our forefathers did. They have every right now to be a part of the family, and to participate in all family activities and even to vote and be voted for.”

During an interview with Lady Chioma George, a Nigerian who accompanied them from Chicago, Illinois, shared her profound experience, describing it as an honor. She emphasized the significance of bringing the African American ladies to experience the same homecoming that had left a lasting impact on her years ago.

The ladies, including Sandra Baker-Ekanem Abasi Ntiero, Amania Drane-Asari Abasi Ntiero, Brenda Camille Davis-Nkese Abasi Ntiero, Yvonne Taylor-Nkoyo Abasi Ntiero, and Dorletta Flucas Payton-Ekei Abasi Ntiero, hold notable profiles and backgrounds, ranging from Management positions in American defence Contract administration to Directorship in Telecoms giants and reflect a rich tapestry of achievements and community service.

The event showcased the cultural richness and acceptance within Efik traditions, providing a blueprint for other families to embrace and welcome those seeking to reconnect with their ancestral roots. The ceremony was not just a symbolic adoption but a deep and sacred initiation into the Efik family, reinforcing the spirit of inclusivity and cultural unity.

The ladies expressed their commitment to continuing their support for the Efik culture, promising to fly in from across the globe to participate in future family and cultural events. As they embark on this new journey, the Obong of Calabar encouraged other families to follow the path of openness and embrace individuals eager to reconnect with their ancestral heritage.