Odama Joseph Declares Intent to Run for State Chairman of NYCN C’River

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In a bold move aimed at addressing the challenges faced by the youth in Cross River state, Odama Joseph, Chief of Staff to the Deputy Speaker of the 10th Cross River State House of Assembly, on Friday, declared his intention to run for the position of State Chairman of the National Youth Council of Nigeria (NYCN) in the forthcoming elections.

Joseph, hailing from Obudu Local Government Area, brings a wealth of experience, having previously served as the Secretary of the Obudu Youth Council. His day-to-day interactions with young people within and beyond the state have given him insights into the numerous challenges faced by the youth.

Expressing his commitment to youth development via a press release sited by our correspondent, Joseph aims to build upon the achievements of the current administration led by Dan Obo. He emphasizes the need to engage more broadly with the government and stakeholders to address the pressing issues confronting the youth.

In a statement, the aspirant highlighted the significance of his prior role in preparing him for this leadership position. He stated, “The lessons I learnt as a former Secretary of the Obudu Youth Council have prepared and armed me with the necessary tools and solutions to engage on a broader and larger scale with the Government and Stakeholders in the youth sector.”

In the coming days, the aspiring NYCN-CRS State Chairman plans to unveil detailed plans and programs that he intends to pursue if elected. He aims to address the challenges faced by the youth head-on with a strong commitment and reliance on divine grace.

Odama Joseph humbly seeks the support, prayers, and contributions of the youth to tackle the substantial tasks ahead. He encapsulates his vision with the slogan, “Build the Youth!!! Build the Nation.”

As the campaign unfolds, the youth of Cross River State eagerly anticipate hearing more about Odama Joseph’s strategies and vision for the progress and empowerment of young people in the state.