State Revenue Service Aims to Actualize N296 Billion ‘People First’ Budget in 2024

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The Cross River State Internal Revenue Service (CRIRS) is expressing confidence in achieving the ambitious N296 billion ‘People First’ budget for 2024. Prince Edwin Okon, the Executive Chairman of CRIRS, conveyed this optimism during an appearance on CRBC’s Weekend Politics show hosted by Joseph Inyang NEGROIDHAVEN can report.

Mr. Okon assured the public that the CRIRS team, comprising both revenue and non-revenue generating units, is fully committed to delivering on their part of the budget. He emphasized the trust placed in his team and highlighted the collaborative effort underway to meet the financial targets outlined in the ‘People First’ budget.

The budget, which focuses on prioritizing the welfare and development of the people, has set substantial financial goals for the state. Prince Edwin Okon, as the head of CRIRS, recognizes the importance of robust revenue generation to fulfill these budgetary commitments.

While addressing the public on CRBC, Okon outlined the dedication of his team, stating, “My team is trusted, and all hands are on deck, both revenue and non-revenue generating units, to ensure we deliver on our quota of the budget.”

Cross River State has been known for innovative approaches to revenue generation, and the CRIRS has played a pivotal role in supporting the state’s economic initiatives.

As the fiscal year progresses, stakeholders will keenly watch the performance of the CRIRS in contributing to the realization of the ‘People First’ budget, which aims to fund critical sectors for the overall development and well-being of the people of Cross River State.