Calabar Experiences Relief as First Rain of the Year Quenches Intense Heat

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After enduring weeks of intense heat, Calabar, the ancient port capital of Cross River state, welcomed a sigh of relief Thursday as the first rain of the year graced the city. This climatic shift follows a recent weather forecast that warned residents about an upcoming week of “excessive heat.”

Weather Data, in its forecast on Monday, February 12, had issued a “severe weather alert,” predicting a consistent spell of intense heat throughout the week. The forecast indicated soaring temperatures, reaching 37°C on Monday, 36°C on Tuesday, 35°C on Wednesday, 34°C on Thursday, 36°C on Friday, and 35°C on Saturday.

Reports from residents on Cross River’s cyberspace affirmed the accuracy of the weather forecast, with many expressing concerns about the scorching heat. Notably, the online reactions humorously linked the heat to various aspects, including the national football team’s performance at AFCON and the trending #ofcoursechallenge.

The article provided background information, recalling the hot weather experienced two years ago in 2022, associated with deforestation policies, particularly the proposed superhighway project. It hinted that the recent lifting of the moratorium on illegal logging by Governor Sen. Bassey Otu might further exacerbate the current weather conditions.

The timely arrival of the first rain today has brought much-needed relief to residents who had been grappling with the intense heat. The rain is expected to have a cooling effect on the city, offering respite from the discomfort caused by the prolonged period of high temperatures.

As Calabar experiences this climatic shift, residents are hopeful that the rain signifies the beginning of a transition to more moderate and comfortable weather conditions in the coming weeks.