State Governor Urged to Intervene in APC Calabar Municipality Matters amidst protest

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Calabar -In a pressing plea addressed to His Excellency Sen. Prince Bassey Edet Otu, the Governor of Cross River state, concerns have been raised over the apparent inaction and lack of responsiveness of the State Party Chairman, Mr. Alphonsus Eba, regarding the activities of Mr. Emmanuel Mbora in Calabar Municipality.

According to the letter signed by Mr. Magnus Okon, Acting Chairman/Caucus Leader, and Hon. Thomas Edem, Chapter/Caucus Secretary, the Chapter and ward working committee had taken decisions on Mr. Emmanuel Mbora’s actions in 2023, including a motion of “Vote of No Confidence” and a request for him to step aside pending ratification from the state working committee as outlined in the party’s constitution.

Allegedly, over ten letters addressing this matter were sent to Mr. Alphonsus Eba, the State Party Chairman, yet there has been no response or initiative to investigate the concerns raised. This perceived lack of action is deemed irresponsible and a disregard for the leaders and stakeholders of Calabar Municipality.

Expressing their loss of confidence in the State Party Chairman and the Party Executive Committee, the signatories called on Governor Sen. Prince Bassey Edet Otu to intervene promptly. They emphasized that Calabar Municipality, with its significant voting strength, cannot stand by and allow the party to be undermined by the actions of one individual.

The Acting Chairman/Caucus Leader, Mr. Magnus Okon, stated, “We would soon take a decisive decision, and we hope if that is taken, the party would not view us as being rebellious.” The urgency of the matter was underscored with the proverb, “A stitch in time saves nine.”

In a protest on Saturday, according to a publication by CalabarParrot, Elizabeth Effiong who spoke on behalf of women said the action of the embattled state chairman towards efforts of the chapter to sanitize the party in Calabar Municipality is demoralizing on the women that’s why they came out in their numbers to display their grievances and unhappiness to the governor.

Elder Itoro Jacob Udo, Ex officio of the party in Calabar Municipality said should the party and the governor as the leader of the party fail to respond to their demands, there may be grave consequences for the party in Calabar Municipality.