C/River Ministry of Health Issues Notice on “Medical Tradefair by Trado-medical Practitioners in Ogoja”

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This is to inform the general public that the ongoing so-called medical trade fair at the Motor Park along Mission Road in Ogoja by members of National Association of Trado-Medical Practitioners (NATMP) had no approval from relevant health authorities and has therefore been stopped by Cross River State Government. The public especially the refugees settlements are therefore advised to keep away from this unauthorized trade fair and medical outreach. It is important to note that the organizers of this dubious activity are mostly strangers and non Nigerians. The security and law enforcement agencies have been directed to investigate their backgrounds and activities.

The Cross River State Government will like to warn all citizens to keep away from all quackery activities because of dangerous health outcomes. Let it be further known that any persons or groups carrying out medical services without approval by government are a quack and should be reported to the nearest health office or law enforcement office. The scope of quackery is not only limited to traditional and religious practices including roadside sellers but also cuts across orthodox hospitals, clinics, maternities, mortuaries, pharmacies, patent medicines vendors, etc.

While Government is interested in more stakeholders involved in delivering health services, it is important to ensure that healthcare is not turned into a jamboree of all comers without regulation and orderliness. Government will not tolerate measures from whoever that do not conform to standard operating procedures. The public is further encouraged to collaborate with government in fishing out and reporting perpetrators. This is also an appeal to the Media to ensure it does not promote health services including jingles that do not have the seal of the Cross River State Ministry of Health.

The State Anti Quackery Taskforce recently constituted by the Governor is already positioned across the State to check all misapplications of healthcare by whatever body or group.


Thank you.



Dr. Henry E. Ayuk, PhD

Honourable Commissioner for Health

Cross River State

9th April, 2024.