C/River Works Commissioner Assures Uninterrupted Road Construction Despite Rainy Season Challenges

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…NDDC projects are owned by the state

DURING a recent interview with journalists in Cross River State, the Commissioner for Works and Infrastructural Development, Hon. Pius Edet Ankpo, reassured the public that road construction projects in the state would continue seamlessly despite challenges posed by the rainy season NEGROIDHAVEN has confirmed.

Highlighting the innovative approach adopted by the state government, Hon. Ankpo emphasized the use of concrete pavement in certain projects, such as the Nyong Edem street and Effio-Ette Roundabout. He explained that concrete pavement is not affected by rainy conditions, unlike asphalt, which can pose challenges during the wet season.

“We have introduced a new template to construction in the state, which is the concrete pavement. Concrete has no adverse effects during the rainy season, unlike asphalt,” stated Hon. Ankpo. “We have opted for concrete pavement to ensure durability and minimize the impact of the rainy season on road construction projects.”

Furthermore, Hon. Ankpo assured that contractors have taken proactive measures to mitigate the effects of the rainy season on ongoing projects. He explained that drainages have been completed, stone base has been laid, and contractors are closely monitoring weather forecasts to schedule asphalt laying on days with favorable weather conditions. This strategic approach, he noted, will ensure that road construction progresses efficiently despite the challenges posed by the rainy season.

According to the Commissioner’s remark the state government’s commitment to infrastructure development is defined by its proactive efforts to overcome seasonal challenges in road construction. “With a focus on innovation and efficiency, Cross River State remains steadfast in its goal to provide quality road networks for the benefit of all citizens”, Ankpo assured.

Concerning the seeming controversy surrounding some NDDC interventionist projects in the state especially around the state capital metropolis, Commissioner Ankpo observed that all infrastructural projects in the state are the state’s and for the benefits of residents of the state.