Governor Bassey Otu’s Aides Spark Debate Over Diplomatic Passports

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A recent social media conversation has ignited a debate over the request by the Forum of Senior Special Assistants (SSAs) in Cross River state to visit Governor Bassey Otu, with one of their requests being diplomatic passports for members. The conversation, which involved various individuals including journalists and netizens, delved into the legality and practicality of such a request NEGROIDHAVEN can report authoritatively.

While some concerned citizens questioned the necessity and eligibility of SSA’s for diplomatic passports, others pointed out the requirements and processes involved in obtaining official passports for government officials. The discussion highlighted the distinction between diplomatic and official passports, with clarification provided on the positions that typically qualify individuals for diplomatic passports at both federal and state levels.

Responding to the initial post by Agba Jalingo a journalist regarding the SSAs’ request, members of the online community expressed skepticism and called for verification of the information before drawing conclusions. Some participants emphasized the importance of credibility and cautioned against spreading unverified allegations.

Richard Agieshie and Egoh Ayamba provided insights into the passport acquisition process for government officials, clarifying that while SSAs may be eligible for official passports, there are specific requirements and procedures to follow, including obtaining a letter of introduction from the state government.