MTN CHAMPS Season 2 Grand Finale Set to Showcase Athletic Excellence

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In a grand press briefing held at The Metropolitan Hotel, Calabar, the stage was set for the eagerly anticipated grand finale of MTN CHAMPS Season 2. Chief Marketing Officer of MTN Nigeria, Adia Sowho, expressed immense pride and excitement as she welcomed attendees to the event, which promises to be a celebration of athletic excellence. Sowho hailed the city of Calabar for its rich sporting heritage and highlighted the remarkable achievements of local athlete Patience Okon George, a national team athlete and multiple champion in the 400m category NEGROIDHAVEN can report.

“It’s a great honor on behalf of the entire leadership team of MTN Nigeria to welcome you to the grand finale of MTN CHAMPS season 2 right here in the wonderful city of Calabar, which already has its own rich sporting heritage,” Sowho stated. “A daughter of Calabar is the longest-serving and current national team athlete and multiple champion in 400m over the last decade. Her name is Patience Okon George. She competed at MTN CHAMPS in Asaba to qualify and represent Nigeria at the African Games in March, where she won double gold in women’s 4 by 400 mix.”

Reflecting on the journey of MTN Athletics, formally known as MTN CHAMPS, Sowho reminisced about the extraordinary success of Season 1, which saw participation from 7,000 athletes representing 375 schools across Nigeria. Season 2, she noted, has surpassed its predecessor in every aspect, with over 8,000 registered athletes and a record-breaking 2,300 athletes registering for the Calabar event alone. Sowho highlighted the partnership with the Athletic Federation of Nigeria (AFN) and other stakeholders, which has resulted in significant achievements on both national and continental levels.

Bambo Akani, Founder of Making Of Champions (MOC) and initiator of MTN CHAMPS, extended gratitude to partners and sponsors for their unwavering support. He commended MTN for its vision and commitment to nurturing athletic talent in Nigeria, emphasizing the importance of collaboration in achieving collective success.

“Let me start by recognizing all of our partners without whom this would not have been possible,” Akani emphasized. “First of all, MTN. I thank you so much for catching and seeing this vision. Without your help, this would still be a dream. I also want to thank the Commissioner for Sports, Cross River. Thank you so much for the warm welcome. The SA to the governor, thank you so much for opening up the state to us.”

Akani lauded the unprecedented turnout for the grand finale, with 70 MVP athletes and over 2,300 registered athletes set to compete in Calabar. Looking ahead, Akani outlined plans to expand the Making Of Champions Athletic Academy, with 24 athletes set to join the academy by September 2024.

The press briefing concluded with a sense of anticipation and excitement for the upcoming grand finale, as athletes, coaches, and organizers prepared to showcase their talent and dedication on the grand stage. With Calabar serving as the backdrop for this momentous event, all eyes are on MTN CHAMPS Season 2 as it continues to inspire and empower the next generation of Nigerian athletes.