“Pulse of Unity” Debuts on Radio Addressing Conflict, Conflict Management in C/River

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In a bid to tackle the pressing issues of conflict plaguing communities in Cross River state, the transformative radio program, Pulse of Unity, debuted its inaugural episode on Saturday, 27th April, on FAD 93.1FM in the port city of Calabar. Hosted by seasoned social development practitioners Ukorebi Esien and Efio-Ita Nyok, the show aims to provide a platform for dialogue, reflection, and action on matters affecting the state’s social fabric NEGROIDHAVEN can report.

With recent reports revealing communal clashes in 16 out of 18 local government areas, the need for dialogue and understanding has taken center stage. In the first episode, titled ‘Conflict and Conflict Management in Cross River State,’ Esien and Nyok led discussions on the root causes of these conflicts, focusing on land disputes, agricultural activities, and other underlying factors.

Throughout the episode, insights from conflict managers Efio-Ita Nyok and Ukorebi Essien shed light on the pivotal role of civil society organizations in mediating and resolving disputes. Particularly, they highlighted the contributions of Partners for Peace in the Niger Delta (P4P), emphasizing the power of community-led initiatives in fostering unity and harmony.

However, the show also provided a platform for listeners to voice their concerns and experiences with conflict in the various communities across the state. Three callers, identified as Prince Junior, Sylvanus, and Philip, emphasized the need for government intervention in resolving conflicts in communities such as Odukpani and Ikom. One caller, referring to the situation in Ikom, specifically mentioned a community, indicating the urgency of the matter.

In response to these calls, the co-hosts pledged to take up these cases with the appropriate authorities in the Cross River State government (CRSG). They noted that the talk and callers-in show is committed to advocating for peace and resolution in conflict-affected communities by which it will promote social development and unity.

As Pulse of Unity’s inaugural episode feelers suggests that the show has set a precedent for meaningful dialogue, negotiation and action woven around alternative dispute resolution mechanisms.