Stanley Nsemo’s Gestures Illuminate Calabar Municipality Through Scholarship Grants, Community Welfare

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Hon. Stanley Nsemo, member of the Cross River State House of Assembly, extends his heartfelt gratitude to His Excellency Senator Prince Bassey Otu, Governor of Cross River State, for the generous bonus provided to all honourable members in the state during this Easter and Sallah celebration period.

In the spirit of giving back to the community and alleviating financial burdens, Hon. Stanley Nsemo has taken a step further by offering scholarship grants to ten deserving university students. Each student, comprising five undergraduates, four master’s students, and a Ph.D student will receive a scholarship grant of 100,000 naira. This initiative aims to support our future leaders in their academic pursuit.

“One of the beneficiaries, Mr Nsa Edet , expressed sincere appreciation to Hon. Stanley Nsemo and Governor Prince Bassey Otu for their commitment to the welfare of the people. This act of kindness truly exemplifies the essence of the people’s assembly, where the needs and aspirations of the community are prioritized.

Additionally, Hon. Stanley Nsemo extends his generosity to his party ward leaders and stakeholders, urging them to join in the celebrations and spread joy during this festive period.

Furthermore, Hon. Nsemo has provided financial support to constituents facing various challenges, ranging from car repairs to medical bills. He is dedicated to serving the people of Calabar Municipality, and he remains committed to uplifting the lives of all residents.

Hon. Nsemo reaffirms his dedication to the people of Calabar Municipality and vows to continue working tirelessly to address their needs and aspirations. As we embrace the spirit of Sallah, let us remember the importance of community, compassion, and solidarity. Together, let us forge ahead with optimism and resilience, building a brighter future for all residents of Calabar Municipality.