Darling Lyonga Urges Cameroonian Artists to Step Up Promotion Efforts

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Douala, Cameroon – Darling Lyonga, a prominent Cameroonian creative and manager at DASH Media, has called on local artists to be more proactive in promoting their music. In a Saturday Facebook post on her official page, Lyonga specifically addressed Magasco, questioning his promotional efforts for his new song “Night and Day”, NEGROIDHAVEN can report

“MAGASCO, may I know why you’re yet to promote your new song NIGHT AND DAY? That song is so beautiful mehn,” Lyonga wrote. She emphasized the importance of aggressive promotion, citing Nigerian artists as a model for success. She particularly made reference to Nas Boi’s promotional effort of his recent piece. “Nigerian creatives promote their songs like their lives depend on it. They’re so aggressive with their promotion, reasons why they’re going global. Cameroonian artists should do the same.”

Lyonga’s message which highlights a recurring issue within the Cameroonian music industry particularly zero in on the lack of intentional and strategic promotion. She has urged Cameroonian artists to take a more hands-on approach to their craft. “Cameroonian artists, you’re not too big to promote your song. Be intentional with your craft,” she asserted.

Lyonga’s post, made on Saturday night, has garnered attention from fans and industry stakeholders alike, sparking a conversation about the need for improved marketing strategies among Cameroonian musicians.


Cameroonian Creatives Urged to Leverage Nigerian Support for Monetization Success

In another development NEGROIDHAVEN has confirmed that Lyonga has further called on Cameroonian creatives to adopt a more strategic approach to content creation and monetization. Lyonga emphasized the importance of building a substantial following and leveraging support from Nigerian audiences to achieve significant financial success.

Addressing Cameroonian creatives on Sunday via social media, Lyonga observed that “content creation is the new gold, and for you to cash out big from monetization, you’ll need to build your numbers, and that’s how Nigerians come in”.

Lyonga pointed out that the English-speaking population of Cameroon, which constitutes only about 20% of the country, is insufficient for the level of engagement needed to generate substantial revenue from monetization. She advised Cameroonian creatives to think beyond their local market and capitalize on the vast potential offered by Nigerian audiences, known for their robust support of creative industries.

“To make lots of money from monetization, you need views and engagements, and you know that English Cameroon has just 20% which isn’t enough. Think big, put pride aside and follow who know road,” she continued.

Highlighting the lucrative nature of content monetization, Lyonga urged her fellow creatives to prioritize collaboration and support from Nigerian viewers. “Cameroonian creatives, you need Nigerians to cash out big from monetization. Think big and follow who know road,” she concluded.



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