Group Commends Lawmakers for Upholding Accountability in Removal of C/River House Speaker

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Calabar – In a recent development within the Cross River State political landscape, Ready to Lead Africa (RTLA) has publicly commended the recent actions of the tenth Cross River State House of Assembly. The socio-political organization praised the removal of the Speaker, Rt. Hon. Elvert Ayambem, on grounds of financial misconduct, incompetence, and negligence NEGROIDHAVEN can report.

Seventeen out of the 25 lawmakers voted to oust Ayambem, highlighting the severity of the allegations, which included breaches of legislative funds management laws and a failure to convene leadership meetings.

In a statement issued by Atti O. Ekpenyong on Friday, RTLA reaffirmed its commitment to youth development, public accountability, and the promotion of constitutional democracy. The organization emphasized its core values of Public Accountability & Communal Integrity, Promoting Constitutional Democracy, Supporting Youth Candidates & Credible Elections, Civic Pride Engagements, Youth Economic Opportunity & Innovations, and the principle of “To plough and not to plunder.”

RTLA underscored the necessity of stringent public accountability, noting that the allegations against Ayambem demanded a decisive response to uphold principles of transparency and integrity. “It is imperative that all public officials are held to the highest standards of ethical conduct, and any breach of these standards must be addressed promptly and thoroughly,” the statement read in part.

The organization praised the adherence to legislative procedures in the removal process, viewing it as a testament to the strength of constitutional democracy. RTLA encouraged the Assembly to maintain the rule of law and due process, crucial for sustaining public trust and confidence in the political system.

RTLA highlighted the importance of a transparent and accountable government in fostering a conducive environment for economic development and innovation. By addressing issues of graft and negligence, the political climate can support youth entrepreneurship and economic opportunities, benefiting the entire state across its 18 LGAs, 25 state legislative constituencies, 3 senatorial districts, and 8 federal constituencies.

The guiding principle of RTLA, “To plough and not to plunder,” calls for constructive and ethical leadership. The organization urged all public officials to prioritize community welfare and development over personal gain, emphasizing that leading Cross River, Nigeria nay Africa to prosperity requires dedication, integrity, and a collective effort.

RTLA concluded by expressing its firm support for actions that uphold public accountability and constitutional democracy. The organization commended the lawmakers for their decisive steps and urged all stakeholders to remain vigilant and proactive in ensuring good governance. “Let us all be ready to lead Cross River and Africa with integrity and a steadfast commitment to the principles that will drive our continent forward,” the statement declared.