Let Me Tell My Party, APC, the Truth

Reading Time: 2 minutes

As a member of the All Progressives Congress (APC) since 2013, with a brief resignation in 2019 and rejoining in 2020, I have earned the right to speak truth to my party. If the APC doesn’t retrace its steps, it may face a political tsunami in 2027, similar to what happened to the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in 2015.

Since gaining power in 2015, the APC has mismanaged its victory. The party has shown that loyalty is not a requirement for reward; rather, it’s about having money and connections. Hard work and dedication mean little if you don’t have the physical financial muscle to contribute directly to candidates during elections or grease palms afterwards.

Party members who sacrificed their all to help those in government win elections are often disregarded. Collective efforts are ignored, and those in power act like they single-handedly won the elections. Excuses are made to deny rewards to deserving members.

The hunger, suffering, and disenchantment within the party nay country may soon boil over at both federal and state levels. People will seek relevance and recognition elsewhere because there’s serious realignment going on behind the scene. A lot of people are regrouping from top to bottom.

Besides, the awareness and activism displayed during the last election indicate that business as usual won’t suffice in 2027. Whoever is thinking that the politics of anything goes for party reasons will shall continue will be greatly disappointed because people are tired of working and receiving abandonment as reward at the end of every election year!

From the grassroots, chapter, state, and national, party members are angry. Qualified members are overlooked for appointments and other rewards, and those in authority are reluctant to reward loyalty.

It’s time for the party to reassess and re-strategize. Those who won elections under the APC platform must begin to reward party members accordingly. The reluctance to fill vacancies in government with qualified party members at all levels, one year after winning election is sparking a lot of disconnect.

One year into this regime which is nine years of APC in charge of the centre is gone and nothing has changed. Most states are copying the former President Buhari institutionalised politics of no reward. If those in government did not learn anything from the tsunami that stroke the PDP and former President Jonathan in 2015, they should learn the commitment of young Nigerians to the Obidient movement in 2023.

Realignment and repositioning are underway. If the APC fails to act, it will be left behind. Let us learn from history and correct our mistakes to ensure a brighter future for our party.



-Inyali Peter, Ph.D