OLEYI: How Fashion brand began in Southern Nigeria

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…credits wife for inspiration behind fashion brand 


In an inspiring recount, Moses Ogri, CEO of OLEYI Fashion, credits his wife, Love Ogri, for the pivotal role she played in steering him towards the fashion industry. Speaking candidly via his Facebook timeline, Ogri on Sunday shared how a simple conversation with his then-girlfriend in 2016 sparked the idea that led to the establishment of his successful fashion business NEGROIDHAVEN has learnt.

Ogri recalls, “Let me not lie, it was my girlfriend’s idea for me to go into fashion.” The revelation came when he showed her a picture of himself posing in a boutique. Intrigued, she asked, “What can you make of this picture?” His initial response was dismissive: “Nothing.” However, her vision saw beyond the image. She smiled and suggested, “If you can own or manage a boutique business, it will fit your personality.”

This suggestion prompted Ogri to reconsider his path. “I quickly grabbed the tab from her, and I stared at myself again for a while,” he recounted. Although she envisioned him managing a boutique, Ogri sought a more challenging venture. “I wanted to learn fashion. I wanted to be able to create and design. I wanted something more complex.”

Thus, OLEYI Fashion was born in 2017. Starting in Ogoja in the northern axis of Cross River, Ogri’s brand made significant strides in redefining tailoring in the local community before expanding to Calabar. “I am happy to say we reshaped tailoring in my local town, Ogoja, before arriving at Calabar,” Ogri proudly stated.

Reflecting on his journey, Ogri expressed deep gratitude for his wife’s support. “I truly want to use this opportunity to thank my dear wife, Love Ogri, for being a supportive girlfriend to me back then.”

As June unfolds, Ogri offers a piece of advice to aspiring entrepreneurs: “In this month of June, you too can become another OLEYI. Or you may surpass OLEYI. If only you can listen to your spouse.” He adds, “Just permit someone’s child to advise you in this month of June.”