NEWS: Palestinian Minor Killed By Egypt Border Guards

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By Blessing Dickson

Gaza’s health ministry confirms on Saturday the death of a Palestinian minor who attempted to pass from Gaza Strip to Egypt illegally.

The seventeen year old Zaki El- Hobi was shot in the back through the heart.  Gaza interior ministry had condemned the incident:
”We consider it a grave development and excessive use of force, not in line with neighbouring relationships between brothers,” Gaza’s interior ministry spokesman Eyad El – Bezm said in a statement.
This is the first incident where a Palestinian is shot dead at the border since Egypt began its establishment of a bigger zone to help fight a militant revolt in Sinai Peninsula.

 Egypt’s army spokesman released a statement on Saturday on how they have successfully prevented attempts of illegal entry of some Palestinians.

However, Egyptian sources told Reuters that youths that came for cigarettes to sell back in the besieged  Gaza string were arrested . Egypt had destroyed 1,800 tunnels that had been used to smuggle goods into Gaza in fear of weapons being smuggled into Sinai where the Egyptians armed forces are battling a militant insurgency.